Get to know– Alexander Schul

Who are you?
Alexander Schul 

What is your profession?
Industrial / product / object design 

Where do you come from?
Aachen / Maastricht 

Three things on your bucket list? 
1. design something entirely made from marble
2. B´buy a jetski
3. convince the ludwigforum to publish websites + Instagram names next to the designers work 

A typical day of your life in three Emoijs?

You in a napkin sketch?
Am I supposed to draw something now?

What you love about design? / hate about design?
Love: the ability of design to improve our living conditions
Hate: mindless trends

What is your secret superpower?
I can wiggle my ears.

What is the value of design?/beeing a designer?
Making money whilst improving the life of people. Improving life is not just about solving problems, but also about making your environment visually more beautiful, or creating more fun experiences for example. 

If you had three free wishes…? 
I wish some company would start producing the substantial chair… other than that my bucket list is kind of a wish list. 

One must do/see/try in the Euregio?
I can recommend the Dutch Design Week ( if that still counts as the Euregio ) 

Your epic fails?
Trying to convince the ludwigforum to publish websites next to the designers work?