Get to know– Jan Friesen

Who are you?

I am a tall guy with a tall weakness for the flexibility and sustainability of the light weight design-material bamboo who sets back his Motorbike to enrich the world with my camboo products 😉

In short: A visionary whose ideas are growing as fast as bamboo.

What is your profession?

mechanical engineer with a never-ending need to discover

Where do you come from?

I was born and raised on the streets of Mönchengladbach aka MG-action-town

Three things on your bucket list? (Three things you definitely want to do one day) 

Doing a gigantic motorbike trip, Invent a cool Machine, Dive with Manta Rays

A typical day of your life in three Emoijs?

What is the value of design?

Creating something new out of the blue and see it rolling and developing something else. 

What you love about design?

It’s the art to trigger change and inspire just by choosing certain shapes, colors and structures and that you can’t measure it

What you hate about design?

That you can’t measure it

What is your secret superpower?

I’m always curious… always 

If you had three free wishes….?

48h days; travel the world with a one-way ticket, again; 15 Kids

One must do/see/try in the Euregio?

Eat Printen in Aachen, drink Beer in Belgium and enjoy Waffles in the Nertherlands.


Your epic fails?

I showed off in front of the handball coach by trying to jump very high. But I managed to injure myself that much, that they had to bring me to the hospital and operate my shattered knee.   

Your best work/project/discovery?

Hitchhiking trip through eastern Europe