Get to know– Lieke Li

Who are you?
Lieke Li 

What is your profession?
This year I finished my masters in Design (so the plan is to work as a designer) and right know I’m studying some more to become an art teacher.

Where do you come from?
Belgium, the Dutch speaking part.

What you love about design?
The power it has to communicate to the public and to make people experience something.

… and hate about design?
The need to label things.

What is your secret superpower?

What is the value of design or beeing a designer?
As a designer you can keep your curiosity as a child and develop it in a project.

If you had three free wishes….?
1.       Be able to speak every language fluently.
2.       Be able to eat all the time without getting sick or gain weight.
3.       Be able to function with only 2 hours of sleep.

One must do/see/try in the Euregio?
It’s cliché but necessary:
eat fries in Belgium. I would recommend ‘friet special’;
fries, raw pieces of onion, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Your best work/project/discovery so far?
For me my best project is the 40 touches performance where strangers touch each other with their eyes closed. The project points out the basic need of humans to be touched. It’s the most simple thing, but it’s just so beautiful to see the reactions during the performance.