Paul, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

According to my motto “don’t throw that away I’ll sure think of something to do with it“ I often loot recycling facilities and skips or
just roam the streets to find my materials. Besides, I like to breathe new life into discarded everyday objects, like milk cartons. As for example each piece of wood I use does have its own unique history, every picture and sculpture made from it is one of a kind. The shape and colouring of my finds are the jumping-off point for my work. As a learned „Licht – und Reklamehersteller „I love to
create pictures that do go beyond a purely aesthetic value and, for example, also function as lamps. My art does not always take
itself seriously.

What were your first steps into the business world?
When I was in second grade I took part in a drawing competition. I came in second and won 50 DM. That’s when I first realized I
want to become an artist. I’ve been drawing ever since.

“Doing what I do means being able to reach people with my thoughts. It’s what keeps me going.”

What do you consider your distinctive achievement?
Doing what I do means being able to reach people with my thoughts. It’s what keeps me going. I keep reinventing myself every
single day, which I see as my biggest personal achievement.

What do you call your considerable skills?
My job, my studies at Gut Rosenberg (Handwerksdesign) and my parents’ influence have changed the way I look at things and
the way I perceive reality. No matter the circumstances, I always try to keep my eyes and senses open and turn my impressions
and thoughts into art afterwards.

Tell us about your epic fails:
A customer once bought one of my merchandise products and had the balls to tell me meant to give it away as a “horrible” joke
secret santa gift. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

What advice would you give to young design professionals?
– get as much information as possible from as many sources as possible: exhibitions, magazines, fairs, movies, literature, talking
to experts and so on.

– try to take a step back and see things from a different perspective.

– trust your instincts. With time, you will get better at knowing what’s good for you and your work.

Why does the world need design?

Design connects people all over the world, no matter the origin, ethnicity or background. Even if it makes you only shake your head or wonder out loud what the heck this is supposed to be: design gets youcommunicating! In fact, design is all around us (just like love), making our lives more colorful and less boring.

Definitly do again:
all of it

Never do again:

I have no regrets 😉 I wouldn’t want to miss any of the experiences I’ve made so far!

Your next big thing is…
making a living as an artist

You in 5 words?
wouldn’t know where to start

Who else should be part of hello designer tour 2017?
everybody who is communicative, open and hot on showing his own designs to the public