Urbanana Award –Yay, we`re one of the winning teams!

If someone mentions being “deep in the West”, they usually either mean Bochum, or in this case the venerable imperial city of Aachen. The news that here, in the pan-European border region not far from Liège and Maastricht, quite a lot is also happening when it comes to NEW inspiring design, has even reached as far as Düsseldorf. The Hello Designer Tour now finally offers the long-awaited reason to go and experience this on site. With a holistic concept of design, which ranges from communication design through to fashion and tattoo art, and with the wonderfully unpretentious attitude towards the whole project, offering it “to colleagues and normal people”, the project planners are promoting beautiful, good things throughout October and are creating a powerful impulse for cross-border cooperation. The crowning moment will come in 2018 in the form of the planned Peer-to-Peer Guide with cross-border portraits. With the motto of the project in mind – “Bad English is better than doing nothing” – we are also using the hashtag #hellodesignertour. These are “Ideas worth travelling”! We ask you for a big international round of applause for Fabian Seibert, Chantal Rexhausen and Jan Kassel and their network from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

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