Get to know– David Peichl

Who are you?
David Peichl

What is your profession?
Artist and art teacher

Where do you come from?
Eupen, Belgium

Three things on your bucket list? 
Travel the World to share my work. Have an exposition in an important Museum. Find the love of my life.

What you love about design?
Design can extend your being, it helps.

What you hate about design?
When I thought I got it right and then… Oh no.

What is your secret superpower?
To resurrect out of the ashes

What is the value of design?
Nature is the biggest designer there is. If design is great; you will not recognize its value. (The perfect simplicity)

What means beeing a designer to you?
It’s an urge, it means to have no other choice.

If you had three free wishes….?
That my loved ones have a happy life.
To regret a single thing I have done or have wasted my lifetime.
To move something in Art.

One must do/see/try in the Euregio?
The beautiful landscapes

Your epic fails?
Fails are the best teachers we can learn from.

Your best work/project/discovery?
Always the project I work currently on.