Get to know– Aixfred

Who are you?
An Earth Dwellers named by myself Aixfred

What is your profession?
Engineer, Productdevelopment and a piece of management.
And also think sharp and out of the box. Even if there is no box 😉

Where do you come from?
From the warm, dark and lovley inside from my mum’s belly (made in West Germany). 

The GPS data leads you into the Sauerland of North Rheine Westfalia in good old Germany.

Liebe ist die
stärkste Waffel!

[Love is the strongest waffle!]

Three things on your bucket list?
Make a waffle, eat a waffle, give a waffle to someone

You in a napkin sketch?
🙂 Smilie for a nice day to come
🙂 Smilie during a nice day
🙂 Smilie to had a nice day

What you love about design?
You read this question-answer thing? I like the answers. They are free, they have a shape of humor.

What you hate about design?
I do not like, that there is no L. Maybe because it is a way of discrimination or L itself is not liberated enough. 

I think it is missing, making a link to Love you know 😉 It could be Ldesign or deLsign or designL or L without design.

What is your secret superpower?
If i would tell you it’s not secret anymore?! That doesn’t make sence. And if i would, i may become trouble with Juck Norris.

What means beeing a designer to you?
It is easier for people to cop up with me – maybe. 

It is a bit ok to freak out.

If you had three free wishes….?

I would wish more three whishes and give them to the needed.
I will not touch a single one.

One must do/see/try in the Euregio?
Dogs in Belgium
Cat’s in Netherlands
Birds in Germany

And here is the truth:
Paintings in Herleen
Waffles in Belgium and Aix
Fritjes Special in de Nederländs

Your epic fails?
There are one or two stories when I was drunk or when people thought I was drunk but I wasn’t – that was really epic.

Your best work/project/discovery?
Let the history judge my live and my successors will know it. If you try to live long you may ask them 😉 

Climbing roofs at night gives you an amazing view.
Painting in a field as an Open Atelier and Open Gallery makes really fun. Also the interaction with the people they didn’t expect this at their home round.