Get to know– Marco Bazelmans

Who are you?
A human from planet earth.

What is your profession?
Currently I am an intern at PLAYGROUND in Cologne Ehrenfeld – a small branding agency as part of my studies in Communication Design in Aachen. Right after this I’ll be working on my bachelor project/thesis. I’m am mostly into everything that has to do with letterforms, editorial design and photography.

Where do you come from?
I am from a city called Geilenkirchen; guess we all know the jokes, huh?

Due to the location and half of my family being Dutch I also find myself at home in the southern parts of the Netherlands or the country in general.

Three things on your bucket list?
(Three things you definitely want to do one day)
1. Travel over England & Scotland to Norway, Sweden, Finnland etc.
2. making a living off an own project/business, feeding a family with it
3. building a house

A typical day of your life in three Emoijs?

What do you love about design?
Pretty much was it means being a designer to me. It’s a personality forming/refining job/profession; at least for me.

You get to train your eye for aesthetics a life long, break rules in a good way, and always explore new things; it keeps you curious. And Curiosity is what keeps us going, leaving the bed every morning.

What you hate about design?
Most of the time having ideas is great, they make you feel creative and clever. But often times they seem to be unreachable and don’t even work out, even if you want them to come to life. That can be annoying at times — particularly when you keep quite high standards for your work and yourself or keep staring at the „same“ thing for hours and hours and hours in row (and it doesn’t get better).

What is your secret superpower? 
Unexpected black humour.
And I can bake.

What means being a designer to you?
Being a designer means quite a lot to me. You get to work and wrap your head around a lot things/areas, you’ve might have never thought of in the first place. You get to learn quite a lot about how things work, influence people and topics through design. It’s not just making things pretty all the time. It’s making them work in the most efficient ways on sometimes the most basic levels. This is what makes makes being a designer to me a high privilege.

If you had three free wishes….?
I’d like to have an apartment/loft with an interior that’s just how I dream it. Where I can live and work, build stuff, cook like there was no tomorrow. That would be my first wish. The second one would be 10 hours more in a day. Aaand the third would be having three free wishes more (is that hacking or is that allowed?).

One must do/see/try in the Euregio?
Exploring it by heart. Just like everywhere, going out there without a plan or set destination leads to some of the most inspiring moments, to places you’ve never even thought would exist or would have seen.

Your epic fails?
Tried to start leaning code a lot of times. Failed each time. I’ll keep going.

And well, I can draw pretty letters — but yeah, you won’t be able to read my handwriting for sure.

Your best discovery?
If you really what to learn something new or see your in front a new challenge — just dig into it and don’t give up too soon. In most cases you’ll realize that you can do it, that you learned a new skill by the way (maybe that’s your goal) or just mastered that challenge — whatever it might be.