Get to know– Chajen Debije, Kyara Fasen and Cas de Mönnink

Who are you?

The Cube residents of 2018/2019! Chajen Debije, Kyara Fasen and Cas de Mönnink.

We are working in the Cube Design Museum on a project about smart packaging.

In this project we are searching for new packaging features and possibilities in the food industry, taking into account questions of form, materials and sustainability. Packaging does not only protect a product, it is also a means of communication. 

Combining these topics we found sustainability as the main challenge we want to tackle. By improving sustainability we hope to change the way people view packaging. `From garbage to valuable materials.`


A typical day of your life in three Emoji’s?
🚂  ⬜ 🚂

What is your profession?

We each come from different educational backgrounds but all design related!

  • Chajen is studying Industrieel Product Ontwerpen (Industrial Design) at Fontys Venlo.
  • Kyara is studying Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven.
  • Cas is studying Engineering, Design and Innovation at the HZ university of applied sciences.


Where do you come from?

The Cube Design Museum of Kerkrade! Come visit

Three things on your bucket list?

Have a publicized research paper or project.
Present a successful product on the Dutch Design week.
Travel  to discover design from around the world.

You in a napkin sketch...

What you love & hate about design is….

That each designer shows their own personality and individuality in their products. The interesting topics we get to work on and the fact that you can change the world with a good design.


What is your secret superpower?

That’s a secret..  ʕ•◡-ʔ


What is your most epic design fails?

During our study we make a lot of mistakes, but by making those mistakes we learn also a lot about designing.


If you had three free wishes….?

I would wish for even more wishes.. oh and maybe world peace


One must do/see/try in the Euregio?

Visit Cube Design Museum of course! And don’t forget to participate in the workshops of the Cube residents!


What project/which designer is a big inspiration to you?

Satellite lamp by Dirk van der Kooij.

Fonckel by Philip Ross.

This LED luminaire enables people to shape light as if they can grab it directly with their hands, making it their personal expression. This lamp is a perfect example of designing for aesthetics of interaction.

Ikea in general.